Cocktails are the perfect way to give your customers a special experience. However they come with the challenges of expensive bar staff, the logistics of keeping an extensive back bar, and a long time to serve per drink.

But what if you could offer a super premium cocktail menu to rival the worlds top bars, with all the following benefits:

  • A bar quality serve in seconds (15x faster than mixing fresh)
  • Available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year
  • No skilled staff or training required
  • By far the best tasting premixed cocktails on the market (Don't believe us? Try and see for yourself)
  • Zero wastage, high shelf life product
  • Strong brand values, supporting independent, craft distillers and sustainability

Read on to find out more about how we support different business sectors with our cocktail range.

World class mixology. Anywhere, any time.

  • Hotels

    With a strong focus on beautiful travel destinations, give your customers an upgraded, VIP experience with our stunning range of cocktails, ready to enjoy in-room.

  • Restaurants

    Pair your delicious food with highly awarded cocktails, gaining access to a full, high-end bar menu immediately. No staff training, no supply chain, just perfect serves in seconds.

  • Retail

    Excite your customers with a new and exciting product to discover and take home. Perfect for home entertaining, special occasions and gifting, our eye-catching bottles will fly off your shelves.

  • Airlines

    As your customers take off, let them kick back and immediately feel like they've already arrived at their beautiful holiday destination, with our luxury cocktails, served to their seat.

  • Theatre / Cinema

    When time is of the essence, yet your clientele demand top-end drinks to enjoy with the show, serve a five star cocktail menu with a time per serve more than 15x faster than mixing fresh.

  • Weddings

    Celebrate the special day with a drinks reception as good as any high-end bar. Effortless serve a perfect cocktail menu with no need for bar facilities or expensive mixologists.


Cocktails and hotels go together like winter and log fires. Your guests are here to get away from life. What better way to treat them to a truly special experience than with some world-class cocktails waiting in their room?

Whether in their suite, a spa lunch, or lounging beneath their poolside cabana, customers expect a high calibre of cocktails. But staff are expensive, a back bar costly to maintain and the time to make a good cocktail means even a good bartender can only make around ten per hour.

Tom Savano allows you to offer a high-end cocktail menu, simply poured over ice and garnished. Increase your capacity instantly, from ten per hour to over one hundred cocktails per hour, with just one untrained staff member.

We also have gorgeous single-serve mini bar versions, which are perfect for welcome baskets and room gifts.



Customers these days are more discerning, well traveled, and care about every detail of their meal. Along with a hunger for exotic tastes, there is a growing demand for quality cocktails to go with their food.

30% of British diners now enjoy a cocktail with a meal, so it's no longer enough just to have a selection of wine and a house gin. You need to have all the classic cocktails such as a Negroni, Old Fashioned and Margarita to hand.

But a bar takes up space, costs a lot to stock, and trained staff are rarer than hens teeth. During busy periods, you can end up with one bartender mixing drinks for twenty tables, a recipe for slow service and dissatisfied customers.

With Tom Savano, you gain a full, premium cocktail bar menu that can be served by anyone, in seconds. With a rich story behind every cocktail, you will have plenty to excite your customers over their meal, as well as ready-to-go takeout options for people to continue their evening at home afterwards.



People are constantly on the look out for new and exciting things to buy, with alcohol being a consistently strong category year round.

Our gorgeous bottles are designed to stand out on shelf, with each one telling a travel story for your customers to immerse themselves in, as they pick up the stunning bottles and get drawn in with our seductive on-pack copy.

Perfect for picking up with a bag of artisan groceries, our cocktails also make perfect gifts. With a high ticket item and generous margin, these products will be a strong asset to your bottom line, with new lines launching around the year to keep the range exciting, seasonal and fresh.



If ever there was a place for travel-inspired cocktails, it’s on a plane headed somewhere exotic. Your customers look forward to their breaks for months, and want every moment to be special, from the moment they arrive at the airport to setting foot in their holiday villa.

Equip your fleet with a world class cocktail menu, simply poured over ice from miniature cans in seconds. Increase your spend per head, while keeping operations simple and streamlined.

We can also tailor bespoke drinks to your brand and routes, so simply give us a brief, and our experts will design a custom range to suit your needs.



Having a great drink is the perfect accompaniment to a good show. However you're often only given twenty minutes to serve hundreds of people, so cocktails are usually taken off the menu.

Our cocktails, however, can be served in seconds, as easily as pouring a glass of wine. Each station can serve up to eighty drinks in a twenty minute break, all at the quality of a high-end bar.

Extend your range beyond wine and G&Ts with our ten-strong collection of craft, classic cocktails. All you need is glassware and ice. Zero wastage, up to a year shelf life and strong margins are just a few of the reasons to add Tom Savano to your menu.



One of the most important things to get right for a wedding, is your drinks menu. You have a lot of people to serve, and costs to keep low.

To make the day special, it's becoming more and more common to kick things off with a cocktail reception. However most venue bars are very limited with choice, and have minimally trained staff, so it ends up being gin and tonics only.

You can hire a private mixologist, but you'll find it difficult to keep up with mixing cocktails for fifty people with a single bartender. Tom Savano let you have a full, world-class cocktail menu, with no need for trained staff or even a bar.

Simply shake and pour, with speeds of over two hundred cocktails per hour for even an untrained person, with a quality of serve on par with the best bars in the world, and a price per serve that comes in cheap enough that you'll think there's been an error in the calculations.



If you'd like to know more about how we can help your business with our super premium, ready to drink cocktails, get in touch via the form below and we will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.