The Tom Savano Story

We're glad you've stopped by and are intrigued by the story of Tom Savano. Who is he? Where is he from? And why is he obsessed with making perfect cocktails?

First of all, let us start with us. We are an independent, handcrafted drinks company, incredibly passionate about what we do, living each breath to bring the world of Tom Savano to life. As well as being cocktail obsessives, we are also global explorers and experience seekers, deeply committed to travel, adventure, and authenticity.

To understand Tom Savano, imagine a person who is successful in life, yet turns their back on material things to explore the world, discovering the most unspoiled, beautiful places there are to be found. Imagine meeting the most captivating and fascinating people along the way, who have lived rich, full lives in ways you couldn't possibly imagine, with experiences and stories completely alien to you. Then imagine capturing the essence of these moments and journeys, bringing them back to share with the world, through perfectly crafted cocktails.

Welcome, to the world of Tom Savano.

Where it all began

It all started when our founder, James Kerslake, was sitting on the sunset strip of Ibiza. An ice-cold mojito in hand, he sank into full chill mode as the DJ wound the music down to a haunting, orchestral piece. The golden sun was now a glowing ball, making its slow, final descent towards the horizon.

This nirvana of natural beauty against a beautiful soundtrack, juxtaposed with the gentle buzz of a perfectly mixed drink, was so powerful that right there he decided he needed to keep this feeling with him forever. Upon returning to London, he raced home from work each day, anxiously watching the sky turn more golden by the minute, afraid he'd miss the drop.

Rushing to his kitchen, he'd frantically whip up a few mojitos, before heading up to the roof to watch the sun set over the Surrey hills, listening to an Ibiza playlist. This went on for years.

It was then that he realised some of the happiest moments to be had, were simply taking time out from life to appreciate a beautiful place and moment in the world, immersing all the senses in exquisite tastes, emotive music, and sharing it all with a few genuine friends.

These became, what are today, the core values and beliefs of Tom savano.

Our founder James Kerslake, originally from New Zealand, but who moved to London in 2001 to pursue an entrepreneurial life. After 20 years working in investment banks and hedge funds, whilst running a number of side hustles over the years, he eventually founded Tom Savano in 2018 and left the city behind forever, to pursue his love of cocktails, travel, and business.


Every Moment

Life is full of moments, but special ones are rare. We value each moment you spend with Tom Savano, and exist to make sure that when a special drinking moment comes along, whether a date night, dinner party, catch up with old friends or just a night in with yourself, you can enjoy it to the fullest. Every drop of Tom Savano has been inspired by the most beautiful travel moments we've had, captured in liquid form, so you can experience them anytime you choose.

Every Person

We value diversity and inclusion. All of our creations have been inspired by the varied places we've been, the different people we've met, and being open to the new. Without such a wonderful melting pot of cultures and experiences, our cocktails wouldn't have the depth and complexity they do, nor the story to tell. Everyone is welcome at a Tom Savano party, and we believe every person in the world deserves to savour these moments.

Every Drink

We care about every step of the journey that goes into each drink we create. We only source the finest ingredients, from makers who share our passion for craft. We obsessively spend months - even years - creating the combinations which make every drink taste exceptional. Finally, we employ people who believe in our vision, so the same care and detail goes into every bottle. A Tom Savano drink, is a guarantee of a perfect drink, every time.


So what is it we're burning to do, how are we going to change the world? A lot of things come to mind that we'd love to see the world move towards.

Greater acceptance of our individual differences, learning to crave the experience of discovering the unknown, rather than being afraid of it, simplifying our lives, ditching social media and concentrating on appreciating the relationship and friends we have, rediscovering the pleasure of simply walking through a field, packing your bag for a day at the beach or cooking a whole meal from scratch. But really, our mission comes down to one thing.

The world needs more beautiful cocktail moments.

We look forward to journeying with you on the paths unwalked still before us.