Cosmopolitan 5 Litre Box

    The perfect accessory for a serious cocktail party at home! A limited edition, 5 litre personal box of our sweet and clean "Finnish Liberation" Cosmopolitan, ready to serve with no stirring required. This iconic cocktail is sharp, sweet and deliciously tart, blending cranberry juice, blood orange, Tom of Finland organic vodka and a hint of tangerine.

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    Wheat Flour [Calcium, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin], Butter (Milk), Lancashire Cheese 21% (Milk)], Rice Flour, Mature Cheddar Cheese [Milk, Colour: Beta Carotene], Glaze (Contains Milk), Egg White, Spring Onion 0.9%, Mustard Powder. Sea Salt, Cayenne Pepper.

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    Cosmopolitan 5 Litre Box

    No cocktail is more instantly recognisable and iconic than the vibrant Cosmopolitan. Conceived at the dawn of the gay rights movement, it embodied the essence of the time. Most importantly, it became an icon of empowerment through it’s unashamedly cerise pink colour, and some even credit the rise in cocktail culture to the popularity of this one drink alone.

    These days, the Cosmo is the perfect cocktail to refresh and excite your palate, leaving you hungering for more of that subtle combination of tart cranberry, sour lime and sweet orange, layered over smooth, creamy vodka.

    Served glacial cold and straight up, this is a cocktail you can drink all evening, but watch out for the kick! Picture yourself in a bustling upmarket hotel bar as a fancy waiter brings your tray over, leaving glasses glistening with condensation and filled with fabulously pink booze.



    When you first think of the Cosmopolitan, you think of Sex and the City or vibrant, buzzing LGBT clubs. It takes a lot to pull off a drink like this, and these places simply ooze with confidence and unashamed use of the colour pink. So straight away, we knew this had to be the vibe of this cocktail, though finding a vodka that championed this would be difficult.

    Or would it? By chance we came across Tom of Finland organic vodka, a vodka distilled in homage to the late Tom of Finland, one of the most iconic and celebrated gay artists in the world. His artwork was famous for being strongly empowering of masculine, dominant men, focussing heavily on muscular physiques, facial hair, sunglasses and leather. (We know right? We had to go check it out right away too!)

    As an incredibly creamy and rich vodka, this formed the perfect base for our Cosmo. We then built the cocktail out with rich flavours of blood orange, lime and tart cranberry, to get a perfect balance of flavours. We celebrate inclusivity as one of our core values, and the freedom to be yourself in every way imaginable. With a nod to the talented artist Tom of Finland, nothing embodies this more than our Finnish Liberation Cosmopolitan.