Hot Honey Margarita

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    This is truly a magical drink. An explosion of flavour and heat, mixed with 100% agave tequila, Jalapeno hot honey, zesty lime, and brought together with a pinch of sea salt. Could this be the best margarita you've ever tasted?


    15% | 125ml

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    Wheat Flour [Calcium, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin], Butter (Milk), Lancashire Cheese 21% (Milk)], Rice Flour, Mature Cheddar Cheese [Milk, Colour: Beta Carotene], Glaze (Contains Milk), Egg White, Spring Onion 0.9%, Mustard Powder. Sea Salt, Cayenne Pepper.

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    The Drink

    The Margarita needs no introduction. As one of the fastest growing cocktails in modern times thanks to the recent tequila boom in the US, we’re all familiar with that signature taste of 100% agave tequila, lime juice, and if you’re like us, a good salt rim.

    This refreshing blend of flavours, served ice-cold, is an irresistible combination on a hot sunny day (or any day of any weather!), but a more recent trend towards spicy cocktails has opened up our cocktail repertoire to the iconic Picante, made famous by Soho House.

    Our unique twist uses the spicy sweetness of Hot Honey to give our Margaritas a perfectly rounded and balanced taste, while slicing through with a kick of chilli that lifts all the other flavours, leaving you with a delicious warmth heating you from the inside out.


    So where did this insanely delicious mash-up idea come from? While enjoying some wings and pizza, we started talking about having the perfect cocktail for food pairing. More and more we wanted a delicious drink that we could enjoy alongside a good dirty meal, not just for cocktail evenings. Margarita’s being our favourite of all time, we started playing with some ideas. After some research, we started to see one name more and more, when associated with pizza and wings. Hot Honey

    It’s safe to say the very idea of a Hot Honey Margarita got us excited from the first mention, so we had to try it. It had never before been done in the world, which made us even more curious. Hot Honey has been around since 2010, when Mike’s Hot Honey took New York by storm at the pizzeria he worked at, after his visit to Brazil where he saw a lot of jars of honey in restaurants filled with chillies. We did some research to find the UK's best hot honey and came across the owner-run JD's Hot Honey. One taste, and we knew we had a knockout home run.

    Starting with our house Tommy’s Margarita as a base, we balanced the sweetness of the honey to perfection, with enough heat from JD's to satisfy even a chilli fiend. Now, the worlds first Hot Honey Margarita is here for you to enjoy. Take one sip and transport yourselves to a world of Texan Heat, quenching your thirst to this deliciously hot, sweet and sour cocktail to a desert sunset.