Brazilian Sunset Passionfruit Martini

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    Smooth, sweet and decadent, this irresistible cocktail layers Fairtrade vodka with tropical, tangy passionfruit, creamy vanilla and a hint of tart lime. A summer sunset in a glass.


    15% | 125ml

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    Wheat Flour [Calcium, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin], Butter (Milk), Lancashire Cheese 21% (Milk)], Rice Flour, Mature Cheddar Cheese [Milk, Colour: Beta Carotene], Glaze (Contains Milk), Egg White, Spring Onion 0.9%, Mustard Powder. Sea Salt, Cayenne Pepper.

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    The Drink

    This cheeky cocktail was invented by the famous Douglas Ankrah, founder of London’s Lab bar, during his time working at the Townhouse in Knightsbridge. In his mind, he put together the alluring flavour combination of passionfruit and vanilla, originally calling it the Maverick Martini in a hat tip to a “dodgy club” in Cape Town.

    Since then, the cocktail has enjoyed a vogue in dozens of countries, rising to be one of the top ten cocktails of all time. Not altogether unsurprising for a risqué-named drink made from what is widely considered one of the most delicious fruits in the world, the passionfruit, famous for it’s deliciously tart, aromatic flavour.

    Shaken over ice and served cold, this is the perfect summer afternoon cooler, with the velvety sophistication to transition smoothly through sunset into the night-time. Feel your senses come alive with exotic music, energy and passion. Let the tropical sweetness fold into the luxuriant vanilla, and allow your naughty side to awaken.


    In our search to find the beautiful travel story behind the passionfruit, our journey led to the exotic, sun-drenched continent of South America. Being a country known for their passion, be that music, art or people, it’s only fitting they should be one of the largest producers (and enjoyers) of this culinary treasure.

    With our obsession for authenticity, we didn't stop until we found a company who produced the most sustainable vodka in the world, made from organic Fairtrade quinoa grown in the rarefied heights of the beautiful Altiplano of the Andes mountains. Perfect for a South American twist to this cocktail, helping evoke the beautiful tropical colours of Latin America, with all the music, dancing, and passion, which makes the destination come alive.

    Built on a mission to support farmers in developing economies, Fair spirits ensure the workers producing the quinoa are paid a fair price, to support both their families and local economies to grow and expand sustainably. Which suited us perfectly, because when you’re sipping on a cocktail this decadently moreish and indulgent, it certainly helps to know every mouthful is balancing the naughtiness with a little good in the world!