The Fit Mind, Body and Soul Christmas Explorer

The Fit Mind, Body and Soul Christmas Explorer

The Fit Mind, Body and Soul Christmas Explorer



The perfect gift for someone in your life who treasures a healthy lifestyle, yet loves to look forward to delicious treats at the end of the day. Packed full of powerhouse nutrition, metabolism boosters, deliciously light treats and functional fit food, as well as an eye-watering ten “Great Taste” award stars. The fit friend in your life simply won’t be able to believe that living so healthy can feel so naughty!

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This deluxe hamper contains:-

  • 6 x 80 Noir High Cocoa Chocolate Snack Bar
  • 2 x 80 Noir Apple Pie Training Bar
  • 1 x Belinda Clark Raspberry Gourmet Mallows
  • 1 x Belinda Clark Salted Caramel Gourmet Mallows
  • 1 x Twisted Kombucha – Hibiscus & Lavender
  • 1 x Twisted Kombucha – Pineapple & Ginger
  • 1 x Tom Savano Reposado Margarita
  • 1 x Tom Savano Devon Coastal Negroni
  • 2 x Collagin ‘Spirit of Youth’ Gin Minis
  • 1 x Blueberry Hill Lemon Lime Pickle
  • 1 x Blueberry Hill Scotch Bonnet Chilli Sauce
  • 1 x Mediterranean Herb Baked Pumpkin Seeds
  • 1 x Rosemary & Hemp Seed Snack Bites
  • 1 x Cranberry & Walnut Twice-Baked Crackers
  • 1 x Thyme & Toasted Seeds Twice-Baked Crackers
  • 1 x Popcorn Shed Goats Cheese Gourmet Popcorn
  • 1 x Activated Maple Rosemary Cashews
  • 1 x Activated Salted Maple Walnuts
  • 1 x Roqberry Sush & Spice Teabag Box
  • 2 x Flawsome Pumpkin & Apple Juice
  • 2 x Fighter Shots – Ginger & Collagen
  • 1 x Binary Botanical Low Alcohol Beer
  • 1 x Gourmet Strawberries & Cream meringue Bites


80Noir are the multi award-winning dark chocolate that will help you naturally balance your sports nutrition and enhance a positive lifestyle & wellbeing, so you can eat or drink them every day and feel fabulous! Vegan friendly dark chocolate bars. To be enjoyed as a bar or melted as a hot chocolate, the choice is yours. A shot like no other, pure rich and smooth, when whisked with hot water. A great replacement to espresso to start your day with an uplifting skip and no jitters, just happiness in every bite.Belinda Clark confectionery offers hand-made gourmet marshmallows which pack a real punch of flavour. Made with all-natural top quality ingredients, such as freeze dried fruit powders and real salted caramel, our marshmallows are soft and light and delicious to eat straight, toasted, or on top of a hot chocolate. We are the sole supplier of marshmallows to Fortnum & Mason, as well as a range of other amazing shops across the UK.

I’m Lou Dillon, and I am a registered Nutritionist and Food Scientist who was searching for a healthy alternative to fizzy drinks. After heaps of lab experiments, practice and tons of research, I perfected the Twisted recipe to be the healthiest version it can possibly be. Twisted is not only a banging booch which tastes good, but it’s full of all the good stuff and backed by science! Kombucha is a functional drink loaded with tons of living beneficial micro-organisms, “probiotics”, healthy organic acids and bio-active nutrients “vitamins & enzymes”. It is batch brewed with love in Muswell Hill using an original Mother Culture.

Tom Savano are the first, multi award-winning craft cocktail company in the UK and handcraft all of their delicious bar-quality drinks in London, using spirits from only small, independent distilleries with great stories. Every cocktail tells a story and every sip takes you on a journey, from the cobbled streets of the Amalfi Coast at golden hour sipping on a Negroni, to the white sandy beaches and azure waves of Cabo, Mexico drinking a Tommy’s margarita, Tom Savano will take you on a journey to remember.

Deliciously smooth and impeccably fragrant, Collagin is the original gin with added collagen. Eleven delicate botanicals infuse each velvety drop, in a bewitching concoction of warm, earthy liquorice and floral notes of orris root, balanced by the clean taste of juniper and the gentle tang of fresh oranges. For the perfect serve, mix yourself a Collagin G&T with ice cold tonic water, a touch of vanilla bitters and a slice of chilled pink grapefruit.

We’re Rob & Lynn, and have both worked for big food firms, but went to the other side 10 years ago, when we started offering preserves and cheeses at markets and food fairs all over Yorkshire. The name and packaging were created after we spent time talking to successful artisan food producers about how we could make our preserves look as good as they tasted, as well as spending a lot of time tasting our recipes and those of the growing number of other artisan brands. There are plenty of high-quality preserves out there now, so we concentrate on using really good ingredients that allow us to create big, but balanced, flavours. Maybe it’s a Yorkshire thing, but our customers want big-flavoured ingredients to express themselves. We hope you enjoy them.

A seed of an idea, Simplyseedz, came from creating my own healthy breakfast and snacks following a personal health scare. Because of the limited choice of truly healthy products in the supermarket, I started toasting seeds my own family to enjoy. I felt that there were more people like me that wanted honest, transparent and sustainable snack choices that weren’t laden with salt or sugar. We supply many sports people who enjoy our range as part of their nutrition. Our seeds are high protein and also immune boosting as packed with zinc, which is very important right now.

Pep & Lekker nutritious plant-based seed snacks are brimming with full-bodied flavours and healthy convictions. Our award winning Rosemary & Hemp seed snack includes over 14 all natural allergy free ingredients. 5 varieties of seed, rice flour, buckwheat flakes and rice protein bound together with pure apples and chicory root fibre, and then lightly baked to create a snap. Seed snacks are both high in protein and fibre, vegan and low in sugar and carbs. They are certified gluten free and no added sugar by Sugarwise. Mindful of the planet there is no palm oil and they are sold in fully compostable pouches. Rosemary & hemp has won a 2 Star award from Great Taste. Seed snacks are very versatile, they are great on their own or can be eaten with soups, salads, or dips.

The Sawley Kitchen produces award-winning, handcrafted shortbread, vintage biscuits and vegan friendly savoury crackers. We never substitute cost for quality and only use the best locally sourced ingredients. The Rhubarb and Custard is the company best seller year in year out and has picked up awards for the unusual quirky taste. Our savoury crackers were introduced to meet the ever expanding vegan market. They hit the ground running and are a perfect accompaniment for cheese and dips.

Popcorn Shed is a super-premium popcorn brand hand-crafted in the UK. We’ve always appreciated the humble popcorn snack and its power to enhance special moments with friends, family and loved ones. With that in mind we dedicated ourselves to perfecting popcorn treats associated with joy and happiness by prioritising flavour and quality. We spent months in the kitchen and managed to break a popcorn machine and a cooker in the process. Oops! We finally hit on a few great recipes, and made so much popcorn that we couldn’t store all of it in our homes, so we had to store it in the garden shed! Soon our family started calling it the Popcorn Shed, and that’s how we named our business.Nutmad was created to provide snacks that are healthy and taste delicious. The activated nuts have been first soaked in water and then dried again at low temperature to preserve their nutrients and to make them crispy and crunchy again. The soaking not only improves their taste of the nuts but also breaks down some of their natural chemicals and makes them easier to digest. We flavour them lightly using only simple, natural ingredients. We are proving that you don’t need to compromise on taste to eat healthy.

Pour yourself something extraordinary. At Roqberry we blend the rules to bring you inventive, exciting new tea and herbal blends with multi-dimensional flavours. From unconventional blends to bold infusions…let our award-winning flavours take you way beyond your average brew. Roqberry’s ingredients are all natural, sustainably sourced, and come in 100% biodegradable plastic-free pyramid bags. The Raspberry Fondant tea is fabulously fruity and indulgently chocolatey. This sumptuous blend of real raspberries and cocoa nibs zings with refreshing flavour. Rich, sweet and deeply delicious, it’s practically pudding in a cup. This full-bodied blend is a 2* Great Taste winner and pairs surprisingly well with confit duck and a blackberry puree.

Did you know that 18,000 tonnes of pumpkin are thrown away each year? Inspired by nan’s tasty recipes, Flawsome! save imperfect & surplus pumpkins and transform it into perfectly crafted cold-pressed juice. Locking in all the nutrients and goodness! All their juices contain absolutely nothing artificial. Made from only wonky and surplus pumpkins, with no added sugar or sweeteners and only has 35kcal per 100ml. They are fair to farmers by paying above market value for their produce. It also comes in a sustainable bottle. Made from recycled glass which can be recycled indefinitely! Fairer to farmers. Saving the rejected. Better for the planetThe great taste award winners, Fighter Shots use a unique blend of only the very best natural ingredients, bottled in recyclable glass (to prevent leaching and plastic waste), these invigorating shots of warming deliciousness are a convenient way to pack in the antioxidants and other goodies. So far they have hit the spot with a loyal legion of busy executives, health and nutrition fans, people with compromised immunity and those who feel in need of more vim and vigour. Our mission is to create a great tasting ginger shot-in-a-bottle and make this wonder ingredient more accessible. In particular consuming collagen may have a variety of health benefits, from relieving joint pain to improving skin health. At Fighter Shots our aim is to increase wellness and sustainably boost vitality across all our clients.

Binary was crafted from the ‘live lighter’ philosophy of the Good Living Brew Co. – a desire to eat and drink lightly and to tread lightly, minimising our impact on the planet. Binary harnesses the full flavour of the normally discarded hop bine leaves to produce a delicious beer with less than half the calories and alcohol of a glass of wine – a beer for lovers of the vine and the bine. Binary’s hop leaf infusion gives a tangy, never bitter, prosecco-like flavour to a light refreshing beer. Aromatic, flavourful and gently sparkling, Binary pairs well with food and is a delicious mixer for some easy-to-make cocktails.

Healthy indulgence is at the forefront of Flower & White’s mind with our expansive range of award winning meringues. Founded in Shropshire, the range includes our iconic Giant Meringues, Meringue Drops and our latest innovation – Meringue Bars and Bites wrapped in 100% plastic free, recyclable and FSC paper packaging. We use only the best quality ingredients to deliver a taste sensation with every mouthful. The perfect excuse to pause and take a moment for yourself, enjoy with a hot cup of coffee and share with friends… or keep all to yourself! Snacking never tasted so good!


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Fit Mind & Body Christmas Hamper, Fit Mind & Body Christmas Hamper (+Doggo hamper)


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