Smoky Maple Ragtime Manhattan

Smoky Maple Ragtime Manhattan

Smoky Maple Ragtime Manhattan


The most sophisticated sip in the cocktail world, the Manhattan is a luxuriant blend of vermouth and whiskey, tasting irresistably like Christmas in New York.
In our signature version, we’ve built the deep, rich base from a characterful rye, hailing from the early ragtime music era, layered with a pair of indulgent Italian vermouths, golden maple syrup, wood-note bitters and a hint of Islay peat for a smokey, fireside glow that will warm you to your toes.

The Manhattan is a true cocktail for adults, full of sophistication, depth and class. For Tom, this was a chance to truly showcase what craft spirits, at their best, can become.

Ragtime, an inspiration for this cocktail, is the American musical genre which enjoyed its peak popularity between 1899 and 1918. It has had several periods of revival since then and is still being composed today. It began as dance music before being published as popular sheet music for piano. The artist best known from this time is Scott Joplin, whose ‘Maple Leaf Rag’ became one of the most famous songs associated with the genre. As a result, he was known as ‘King of Ragtime’.

So it was prescient that the whiskey we chose to quarterback this cocktail just happened to be an authentically distilled NYC rye whiskey, hailing back to the turn of the century when ragtime was in vogue.

Next we needed a luxuriant vermouth that was rich, full-bodied and silky enough to do the cocktail justice, easy enough (when you know of an Italian family dating back 100 years in Piedmont, who’s life work is exactly that).

The finishing touch came when we wanted to really evoke the feeling of sitting in front of a fire, with the comforting smell of woodsmoke settling into our clothes and the blanket over our laps. So we added just a dash of Islay peat whiskey and bound it all together with the amber, fireside glow of maple syrup.

And this time, just this once, it’s ok to crack open the maraschino cherries and lay one over your glass. Because you can’t improve on the classic serve.


Available in 200ml and 500ml bottles. Serving size 100ml.

23% vol.


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Weight.5 kg
Dimensions6 × 6 × 15.7 cm

200ml, 500ml


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