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Single Estate Reposado Margarita

Single Estate Reposado Margarita

Single Estate Reposado Margarita


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  • Smoky Jalisco reposado single-estate tequila
  • Fresh agave syrup
  • French orange liqueur
  • Spring garden bitters
  • 18.6% vol
Margaritas immediately conjure up scenes of the beach, or laying by the pool on a sweltering day. Either way it’s bikinis, ice and tangy tequila.
One of our favourite recipes, our gold medal winning version combines a lovely golden reposado tequila from Jalisco, so smooth and fresh you’ll feel you’re lying on the warm sand surrounded by palm trees with one sip. Finished off with lip smacking tangy lime, our own secret bitters and a good injection of fresh agave, with a nod to Tommy’s style.
We promise you’ve never had a margarita like this before. Serve ice cold with a subtle salt rim, inhale the agave and let your down-time by the pool kick in. You’ve earned it.

Bottle contains two cocktails

(18.6% vol / 250ml)



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One of the more disputed spirits, tequila is a world of flavour and passion that very few come to truly appreciate, due to having developed an aversion during university, doing shots of a tequila that could double as industrial cleaner.

The truth, couldn’t be more different. The fields of Mexico are filled with thousands upon thousands of maturing agave plants, which take 7-15 years each to grow. After watching over the crops for close to a decade, the Jimador farmers harvest them by hand, before grinding them under a stone wheel and distilling the incredible tastes out for your pleasure.

Invented some time around 1940, likely by drinkers heading across the border to find good spirits during prohibition, the combination of sweet orange, tequila and lime became legendary overnight. So when we came to craft our own signature margarita, we wanted to keep as much of that authenticity as possible.

Using one of the only tequilas still made the old fashioned way, distilled from agave grown only on their own estates, we carefully balanced the tartness of the lime with the sweetness of orange, while wondering how we would make it our own. The answer, lay in Tommy’s style. Rather than overpowering the tequila with orange, Tommy’s style uses fresh agave syrup to lend the sweetness the cocktail craves, as well as supporting the pure flavours of the tequila itself.

There’s one more secret ingredient, but we keep that as secret as the colonels spices.

Served ice cold, there isn’t a more perfect way to step out of your daily life and instantly be lying on the warm sands of a beach in Cabo, palm trees blowing gently in the breeze, and the ocean sparkling like a sea of diamonds before you.

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