Kentucky Winter Old Fashioned (500ml)

Kentucky Winter Old Fashioned (500ml)

Kentucky Winter Old Fashioned (500ml)


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  • Traditional craft bourbon made from red winter wheat
  • Authentic Kentucky rye whiskey
  • Dark and rich caramel sugar
  • Our special blend of sweet and spicy bitters
  • 22.5% vol
Probably the oldest and most popular cocktail of all time, the old-fashioned is everything a great cocktail should be, strong and simple, yet balanced to perfection on your tongue.
In our gold medal winning version, we’ve blended two incredible, authentically made America whiskeys to get the smoothness of bourbon, paired with the spiciness of rye, both distilled in the birthplace where it all began, Kentucky. Combined with a rich, dark sugar, our own special bitters blend and a hint of sweet orange peel, this is as close to perfection as you can get.
One sip and you’ll be on a porch in Kentucky during fall, watching the end of the harvest and the sun drift towards the horizon as birds flock above, seeking their nests for the evening.


Bottle contains five cocktails

(22.6% vol / 500ml


As a mixologist, you don’t approach the old fashioned lightly. It’s an intensely difficult one to get right, despite it’s simplicity, and one that is very unforgiving of mistakes.

It’s because of this, that this is the cocktail we have gone through the most number of batches with, well above three hundred recipes. When you think of how many different whiskeys there are, finding the perfect one is a long, troublesome road.

The old fashioned is traditionally made with bourbon, though the purists will demand a 100% rye whiskey, insisting the taste is more authentic, dry and spicy. We hear both sides of the argument. A truly delicious old fashioned has a depth and smoothness to it that is very difficult to achieve with pure rye, however after experimenting, a bourbon-only drink seemed to lack the complex kick we were after.

So we decided to make our own statement, to find the perfect blend of both, that gave a drink that had hints of dryness, spice and complexity, while still developing a rich body on the tongue and a lingering after-feel in your mouth. One day on our long travels, we came across a traditional, family distilled bourbon made from red winter wheat, and after one taste, knew that was the one.

To finish it off, we had to find the right sugar that would support and enhance the whiskey, not dominate it, as well as blending a signature bitters blend to give just the right bite and woodiness to the drink. But three hundred recipes later, we finally feel we’ve captured the essence of a Kentucky fall harvest, in the most iconic and memorable cocktail you’ll ever taste.

But don’t ever, ever let us catch you putting a maraschino cherry in one of our old fashioneds. You barbarian.

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