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    Caribbean Dawn Mai Tai (500ml)

    • A salvo of craft Caribbean and Martinique rums
    • French orange Shrubb
    • Sweet almond syrup
    • Tiki style bitters
    • 19.5% vol
    A Mai Tai is everything gorgeous about the Caribbean, exotic, fragrant, soaked in rum and filling your glass with golden sunshine.
    Our new tiki sweetheart, we wanted to do the complexity of rum justice and so have blended four craft rums from regions including Panama, Martinique and Mauritius, giving it some sharp orange heat with a French orange Shrubb and them smoothing it out with a fragrant almond syrup. Held together with our signature tangy lime and some exotic fruit bitters, this is an incredible showcase of Tiki culture and rum at it's very finest.
    One sip and you'll be dockside in Tortola at dusk, the harbour coming alive with music and exotic dancers amid the heady scent of sea, salt and aged wood.
    Bottle contains five cocktails (19.5% vol / 500ml)
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    Devon Coastal Negroni (500ml)

    • Small batch Devon craft gin
    • Vintage chocolatey Italian vermouth
    • Subtle herbal garden Amaro
    • A soft hint of orange
    • 21% vol
    Created in Italy around 1920, this bitter yet sweet cocktail has become one of the most popular sipping drinks around the world, and owes it's magic to simplicity, made from only amaro, vermouth and gin.
    Our silver medal winning take on the classic is smooth, punchy and fragrant, blending an award winning gin from coastal Devon, inspired by spices brought back on seafaring voyages in the 1800s, blended with a deliciously rich 100 year old Italian vermouth, some gentle herbal amaro liqueur and a hint of sweet orange peel.
    One sip and you'll be transported to an overgrown villa in Florence, nibbling cicchetti as the late afternoon lingers on. Promise.
    Bottle contains five cocktails (21% vol / 500ml)
    (Contains sulphites)
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    English Garden Lychee Martini (500ml)

    • Organic British premium elderflower vodka
    • Chinese lychee liqueur
    • Smooth and fresh lychee juice
    • Our signature dry vermouth blend
    • 19.4% vol
    Originally made in a late night Korean bar in New York, the lychee martini has become a sensual staple in the cocktail bible.
    Our gold medal winning version is a deliciously floral, yet punchy and sweet martini. Made with a double layering of aromatic lychee, blended with an amazing small batch, organic English elderflower vodka for the gentle, yet overwhelming sense of an English garden just after rainfall.
    To all that, we add our own signature blend of sweet and dry Italian vermouths for that authentic martini hit. This cocktail is just begging to be poured over ice and enjoyed with friends.
    Bottle contains five cocktails (19.4% vol / 500ml)
    (contains sulphites)
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    Kentucky Winter Old Fashioned (500ml)

    • Traditional craft bourbon made from red winter wheat
    • Authentic Kentucky rye whiskey
    • Dark and rich caramel sugar
    • Our special blend of sweet and spicy bitters
    • 22.6% vol
    Probably the oldest and most popular cocktail of all time, the old-fashioned is everything a great cocktail should be, strong and simple, yet balanced to perfection on your tongue.
    In our gold medal winning version, we've blended two incredible, authentically made America whiskeys to get the smoothness of bourbon, paired with the spiciness of rye, both distilled in the birthplace where it all began, Kentucky. Combined with a rich, dark sugar, our own special bitters blend and a hint of sweet orange peel, this is as close to perfection as you can get.
    One sip and you'll be on a porch in Kentucky during fall, watching the end of the harvest and the sun drift towards the horizon as birds flock above, seeking their nests for the evening.
      Bottle contains five cocktails (22.6% vol / 500ml
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    Single Estate Reposado Margarita (500ml)

    • Smoky Jalisco reposado single-estate tequila
    • Fresh agave syrup
    • French orange liqueur
    • Spring garden bitters
    • 18.6% vol
    Margaritas immediately conjure up scenes of the beach, or laying by the pool on a sweltering day. Either way it's bikinis, ice and tangy tequila.
    One of our favourite recipes, our gold medal winning version combines a lovely golden reposado tequila from Jalisco, so smooth and fresh you'll feel you're lying on the warm sand surrounded by palm trees with one sip. Finished off with lip smacking tangy lime, our own secret bitters and a good injection of fresh agave, with a nod to Tommy's style.
    We promise you've never had a margarita like this before. Serve ice cold with a subtle salt rim, inhale the agave and let your down-time by the pool kick in. You've earned it.
    Bottle contains five cocktails (18.6% vol / 500ml)

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